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Concerned that she’s a “bad victim,” a writer is silent about being raped—until she isn’t.

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20170103_145956Catching a glimpse of innocence and inner worth is a monumental undertaking for some; urging them to find ways to retrieve some of the wasteful sacrifices once made, in order to fit in with a world of folly.

When a peaceful existence becomes our destination, an arduous walk seems not only necessary, but equally as rewarding at the end. DANCE LIKE NOBODY’S WATCHING is my autobiography; my personal battle against those who were supposed to love and protect me. It’s a landscape of their unresolved issues and my determination to withstand them; as I’ve tried to redefine life and to reestablish a sense of belonging through a spiritual connection with the only One who’s loved me all along – unconditionally. Being able to forgive and move past wickedness, without expecting words of apology, is where true success lies. It truly is the icing on the cake.

Mistakes don’t need to be repeated, so long as we learn from them. They have to be stopped at some point; that is of course, if we have the courage to identify them and decide to go against the grain. Sparing others the pain we’ve endured is also how we heal ourselves. 

Alis Cerrahyan

First blog post

I was extremely sheltered growing up. Though my parents urged me to stay away from bad influences and follow a path straight as an arrow, they failed to teach me how to defend myself when and if bad circumstances found me. Respecting others overrode all other necessities; leaving me bruised for a good portion of my life, questioning where I went wrong. Growing a tougher skin became the main theme, until I figured out the difference between being kind to others and being a doormat.

I joined this site because I love writing. It’s a passion of mine. I also love learning from others’ life experiences and sharing that which impresses me. I believe we’re meant to complete one another through our diversities.

Ali’s Cerrahyan