I remember a time when appearances were extremely important to me. My space had to be tidy and clean, and organized, and color coordinated, and spotless, etc. I couldn’t relax and enjoy my surroundings unless everything was in order. The same applied to my clothing, my hair, and my make-up. I needed to look and feel impressive. For some reason, others’ opinion of me meant a lot.

I’m certainly glad I’ve shed a good portion of such insecurities that caused me to second guess myself almost all the time. Life’s harsh lessons and disappointments helped me develop an inner strength I didn’t know was possible; especially for me; because I was very timid as a kid. Then I realized my opinion of who I was mattered just as much. And in time, as I started heeding the inner voice that whispered words of wisdom, I placed less and less emphasis on trying to please others.

Today, I’m quite happy to announce that most of those life altering weaknesses have been buried; and I’m no longer concerned about appearances. For me, the inner peace and worth are far more valuable than looking and sounding impressive. The exterior can be deceiving. It’s a facade. Yet the interior hides eternal goods that can only be seen by a caring heart.

  • Alis Cerrahyan

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