This morning


This is the view from my front porch. It rarely snows in Virginia Beach. So it is a bittersweet experience. We enjoy looking at it; but because the city isn’t equipped to clear it away, driving is a huge problem.

I’m a hairdresser. I know customers will cancel their appointments today. Who can blame them? But I had to be at the shop, just so I would answer the phone when they called.

So I’m sitting in my chair, with a cup of coffee in my hand, looking out and staring at this beautiful white picture. I’m awake; but not really; because I know it’ll be a long day with no customers to work on. However, I have this incredible sense of gratitude I feel I must express.

What can I be grateful for this morning? I am alive and well! I have a healthy body/mind that can’t be bothered with outward conditions. I take this God-given life very seriously. And through every stage of it, I’m proud to announce He’s humbled me with further goodness and accomplishments. I’m sixty. Yet I feel as though my life has just begun. And every morning is another new beginning.

I’m grateful for having two beautiful children – inside and out – who continue to look up to me, love and support me; even though some of my past mistakes could’ve been life altering. They’ve always been there for me, just as I’ve done with them.

I’m grateful for this business I’ve owned for twenty seven years. It provided for my kids and I; as well as for my parents. I didn’t think I could last twenty seven days when I was signing the lease, let alone twenty seven years. Every moment of it has been a blessing. Mistakes were made along the way, but nothing debilitating.

I’m also grateful for having a book published – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – since this one appeared out of nowhere. Many people have asked, “How did you find a publisher? Do you know how hard it is to find one?” My response was and still is, “I didn’t even know I had written a book!” I was simply asking a customer of mine if she would kindly read a few pages of my journal and give some constructive criticism. I had known her for more than twenty years, but didn’t realize she was an editor until she mentioned it that one particular day. She quickly contacted me back and said, “Whatever this is Alis, I will publish it for you!!!” I’m still baffled every time I go on amazon and read the reviews. It almost feels like they could be talking about someone else; because it’s a bit hard to comprehend I could write well enough in English, since I’m an immigrant.

My coffee is no longer hot. I need to refill my cup. But my heart is warm with fond memories God blessed me with; the many fearful stages that turned into victories; and most of all, with so much more ahead to be grateful for. Because with Him…there’s only good! I pray I’m contagious this morning!

Alis Cerrahyan

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