What life isn’t


I have an inquiring mind. I always study and try to learn. I’ve always asked, “Is this all there is to it? What is the purpose? We are born. We learn. We grow. We die.” Yet asking what life is all about hasn’t led me to as many answers as asking what life isn’t about did.

First of all, we are born into a family where there is love. But with love, there is pain and disappointment; unless we learn how to love unconditionally. There are rewards for good behaviors; but there are also circumstances we cannot erase for those not so good behaviors.

I believe every family unit has a set of dysfunctions. They’re never fun. And there is a difference between mentioning them with sadness and hope, and trying to cover them with love and compassion, versus using them as a knife to cut someone. If you’re that type, please don’t ask how those words slipped. They usually have a way of spilling out, if they’ve taken residence in your heart.

So the bottom line is, life isn’t something we measure and value based on what we think it ought to be. It isn’t limited. It isn’t still enough for us to weigh. It isn’t light enough for us to carry. It isn’t transparent enough for us to see all of its details. It isn’t simple enough for us to explain its many facets. Life isn’t unless we’re living it fully.

I pray for those who have not understood the dynamics of a true family that chooses to stand together through it all. I pray they will have a renewed heart and learn to appreciate the awesome love that binds all of its members into eternity; without a discriminating word.

This little one on the swing is my only grandson Zane. He’s a year old. I hope I’ll be around long enough to answer some of those questions for him. And who knows, maybe by then, I might have few more answers. Blessings…

Alis Cerrahyan


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