Staying home


This snow storm has devastated the entire Virginia Beach area. I have no problem staying home on the weekends. I kind of look forward to it. And I don’t care to run to the grocery store for this and that. But realizing I can’t leave home, even if I wanted to, makes me a bit uneasy.

So I decided to play a new/old game this morning. I’m going to call it “Who Do I Want To Be.” When I was a little girl, I wished I was given a different name like Monica or Claudia. Alis was short and sounded boring. In fact I wasn’t at all against an entire identity change either. In my room, after having put everything away, as it was mandatory to do so, I assumed different roles such as a queen, a princess, or a professor… I pretended to have a presence that mattered to others. I demanded love and respect; things that didn’t quite come unconditionally in my family unit. Deep down inside, I was trying to make a difference for others, as well as for myself.

This morning, I’d like to make an inventory of my life, and slip my feet into those tiny little pink slippers I used to love, and decide who I’d rather be, in order to see some serious changes. Remember… I am not sixty for the time being. I am very young. In fact I’m so young that I would even shake the portable radio every once in a while, so the poor newscasters and entertainers would fall out, just to prove me right.

First of all, I would eliminate most vegetables from my diet. No more spinach, okra, or btussel sprouts! Oh, but I have already done that. Next, I would indulge in cookies and desserts. Well, I’ve been doing that too. I would quit school and study only what interests me. Check! I would travel and see different parts of the world. Been doing that too. I would treat my kids as adults, instead of telling them not to speak until spoken to. I believe I’ve mastered that one already. They are my equal. They seem not to have any problem, when and if we all need to address an issue. I’d also like to hire a maid, since I still dislike household chores; such as dusting, scrubbing toilets, etc. I haven’t done that!

It’s after the holidays. If all I need is a maid, I guess my life isn’t all that bad. I don’t need a new identity for that. I don’t need a new name either. Alis will do. Wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous New Year. Thank you for reading.

Alis Cerrahyan


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