That’s a no-brainer!

I’ve had an appointment cancel today; which gave me the time to sit and rest a little while. So much to be thankful for! I feel blessed! Being behind the chair for thirty-plus years as a hairdresser, I don’t remember going home with aches and pains. I see that as a privilege; because I hear so many forms of illnesses throughout each day.

In fact, one of my coworkers is leaving the profession at the end of this month; due to health related issues. I am sad; but I know she’s doing the right thing. Most of us hairdressers don’t have a plan B. If and when things don’t work out as planned; we wouldn’t know what else to do. Especially something that could involve and invigorate the creative mind. I pray she’ll manage alright.

I remember breaking my left leg during a bicycle accident and having my entire leg in a cast about eight year ago. I was behind the chair on the third day after the accident; since I couldn’t afford to stay home. My hydraulic chair had been replaced with a stool; just so I could be slightly higher than my customers. My leg remained elevated throughout the day; even though the swelling and the throbbing occasionally became unbearable. But what else is there to do? Life has many lemons. And we, as heaven-bound sojourners, keep making lemonade. God provides. Thankfulness adds. Complaining subtracts. That’s a no-brainer! Blessings to you…

Alis Cerrahyan


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