goldfish-leaping-to-new-tankOften courage steps in when we are sick and tired of giving in. It is the knowing that all strength and determination will meet us, once we peel away the fear and the complacency we’ve allowed to hold us down. I understand those all too well; because they put out my hope and aspirations many times in the past. Today, I have unlimited hope and aspirations through God who is limitless himself. And I’m not clinging to Him because He’s limitless. I’m choosing Him over all else, because He first chose me. He died for me way before I knew what sin was. He made a way for me way before I knew I was lost. He loved and cherished me way before I knew what true love was. He chose me way before I knew who He was. He is a God of firsts. And He’ll always lead me into a more meaningful and more fulfilling relationship with Him; until I’m safely tucked in within the palm of His hand.

I grew up being surrounded with bullies. My mother took pleasure in shaming me in front of others, just so she could “nip it in the bud.” So she said. But she never took the time to teach me a better way to be. Then I married someone just like her, and continued the same existence for twenty one years; until it was time to claim my identity through Christ.

Now I’m watching my own daughter walk the path of shame when she absolutely doesn’t have to. She married someone who doesn’t work and doesn’t contribute in any positive way; yet has a mouthful when it comes to socioeconomic or political issues. He talks down on everyone who might intimidate his sensitivity. And he has plenty of those, trust me. She supports the family. He simply takes credit for everything she does.

I tried to speak up in the past. She wouldn’t hear it. I tried to tolerate her husband for my grandson’s sake. But when I realized even that little soul wasn’t inspiring enough for this man to want to be a better person, I couldn’t continue with being the spectator. I told her I was done watching his dysfunctional ways and that I would always be available for her and my grandson, if and when they needed any thing.

I pray God will have mercy on him and heal him. I know He can. And I pray He’ll also heal their little family. I don’t wish divorce on anyone. I’ve been there. But keeping my mouth shut out of fear of losing my relationship with my daughter and my grandson is no longer acceptable. I belong to God. None of my decisions should be based on fear. I will speak the truth. And I will speak it boldly.

I don’t expect God to reward me because I finally spoke up. But I know He honors the courage it took to overcome the fear. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the kind of peace that keeps me even more connected to Him.

My prayer life is potent. My heart no longer carries the pollutants. If I don’t speak the truth with boldness, and if my mouth and my heart aren’t in sync about the truth, how could I possibly pray over the truth? Confessing the truth doesn’t always happen in front of a clergy or God himself. It has to motivate me to take a chance and leave it with God; knowing full well that He’ll sort out all the details. Blessings to all those who read this post. May you always find the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the cost.


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