It’s no longer acceptable🙄

screen-shot-2015-01-07-at-5-16-08-amLife presents all sorts of circumstances, unveiling one another, depending on the choices we make. Some are pleasant and beneficial; while others not so much. All throughout this journey called life, we experience morsels of happiness or in some cases, extreme disappointment. We learn to look the other way, because happiness and joy are few and far in between; so much so that we end up allowing certain unpleasant behaviors, because we don’t want to rock the boat.

What happens each time we look the other way and bite our tongue? What is the underlying message in that? The offender believes his or her action is acceptable; therefore the behavior is allowable. Just because he or she wasn’t corrected at a proper age through proper parenting, we decide it may be too late to address it. And even when it’s affecting us directly, we do nothing about it.

If we choose to remain silent because opening our mouth will or might cost us something, such a decision is based on fear. And anything involving fear leads to confusion and hopelessness. There’s never a victory at the end of that tunnel. The most appropriate way to handle a delicate situation is to speak our peace, tell it as it is, without anger or frustration. We may not know how far he or she is willing to go with that unacceptable behavior; but we know how far we should go allowing it to happen in our lives. We too are decision makers due to our free will. We ought to decide what should or shouldn’t mold our lives, and the time when suffering through someone’s ignorance is no longer acceptable.

Courage is the opposite of fear. And our heavenly Father is the measure of courage we need based on the measure of intimacy we share with Him day in and day out; not just when things get uncomfortable or ugly. Take on the challenge and speak boldly if you know you belong to the most high God. And as you step out on faith, let Him carry the torch of righteousness until victory settles into your heart, and you’ll never have to face the burden of the same offence. God is mighty.

Alis Cerrahyan


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