Meaning of Easter


The three women went to Jesus’ tomb on this blessed day, not knowing how they were going to roll the colossal stone. When they arrived, not only did they see the huge obstacle removed out of their way; but they also saw an angel sitting on it, with a smile, saying, “He is risen.” Their despair simultaneously turned into hope; their sadness into joy.

We too have obstacles we can’t possibly fight on our own unless God moves them out of the way. They can be called weaknesses or insecurities for some; feelings of inferiority or superiority for others. Many of us may even be sick and tired of fighting addictions or patterns that have overwhelmed us throughout life. Fighting a battle we can never win is senseless. Surrendering to God is the bravest thing a true believer can do. 

Friends and loved ones, please understand the meaning of Easter. It shouldn’t be confused with bunnies and egg hunts. It’s far deeper than that. It’s the true meaning of Christianity.

Alis Cerrahyan


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